RESOLVE Network Virtual Roundtable

Assessing the Role and Impact of the UNSC on Counterterrorism


January 13, 2022

SFI and the RESOLVE Network gathered nearly 40 researchers from across the globe to consider the role and impact of the United Nations Security Council in addressing terrorist threats over the past two decades and how to best position its work in this area moving forward. Participants in this roundtable event focused on the successes and shortcomings, as well as the impacts, of Security Council counterterrorism efforts since its adoption of Resolution 1373 in the wake of the September 11 attacks. The meeting was one of a series of discussions that informed the project’s research and analysis. This event also set the stage for a series of thematic, regional and country-focused research briefs on the role and impact of the Security Council in addressing the threat of terrorism over the past 20 years, commissioned as part of the SFI project. The exchange was part of a wider effort to ensure that the SFI’s findings, delivered in September 2022, benefitted from a diversity of views and current research.

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